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Chipamate Body Filler 235 ®

Chipmate, a solution provider to coating and surface preparation industry, since 2008, proudly introduce " Chipamate Body Filler 235® " - a butter like, two part body filler, that can be powder coated at ambient temperature. It may be used - to fill dents, holes, joints, scratches, correct imperfections on metal surface . Track free surface facilitates seamless finish after powder coating.  For technical details / first-time end-user trials,  please write to us with your specific requirements / end use to - or call us on +971 6 5576106.           
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We are proud to be part of the surface coating industry since 2008, with:     Marine / Industrial coating & coating solutions. Hi-temperature coatings. All types of under water / anti-corrosive coatings. Epoxy Coatings. PU Coatings. Anti-fouling paints. Thinners & much more.
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